Making history in Guimarães

for more than three centuries

Salas do edifício principal, decoradas com papel de parede Züber
Vista exterior da fachada vista do terreiro
a Family tradition

Our Story

Located in the outskirts of Guimarães, Casa de Sezim is a landmark in the city’s history and landscape. Also known as “Casa Grande” or “Paço de Sezim”, the building was classified as a monument of municipal interest in 1982.

It was passed down to the family of the current owners by a royal donation in 1376. According to a manuscript stored in the house’s archives, Maria Mendes Serrazinha donated the property to Afonso Martins, descendant from D. João de Freitas.

D. João de Freitas was a close companion of D. Afonso Henriques, the first King of Portugal. The first capital city of the country was Guimarães, and it is know was the cradle of our nation.

We have years of experience dedicated to the art of welcoming our guests in an intimate setting – our Home is also yours.

A centuries old building

The first allusions to our property date back as far as 1376 and only mention a fortified tower. This first construction was enlarged in a single body until the 18th century.

The biggest investment and transformation of the House only occurs during the 19th Century, by the hand of architect and artist August Roquemont. He was the one responsible for purchasing the french Züber wallpapers which coat the walls of our main building. Each piece is block printed and decorated with 19th century landscapes and scenes which fill Sezim with history

The production of Vinhos Verdes is also a part of our tradition. Our wines have been delighting our visitors since the 14th century.

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Atuais proprietários da Casa de Sezim

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