Vinho Verde Casa de Sezim

The History of a region. The Nectar of a People
Vinhas Casa de Sezim

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We are known as top experienced wine producers, in the demarcated region of Vinho Verde. Our Casa de Sezim wine is one of the best in the area.

Surrounded by forests, near mountainous regions and bathed by the waters of the Atlantic and of Minho River. The Vinho Verde region is known for a fresh, aromatic, and light wine, perfect for every moment.

In sync with Nature

We respect Mother Nature. As part of our commitment with the environment, we produce our wines using Crop Protection and Management (CPM) methodologies and sustainable policies to produce our grapes. We honour our land and protect our soils. The quality of our wines is guaranteed by tradition passed down through generations.

Help us harvest our vines. Come reap each bunch by hand and celebrate wine with us.

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Casa de Sezim wine

Vinho Verde production is part of the essence and history of Casa de Sezim. Our knowledge and experience are combined with the most advanced and sustainable production policies and methods. All this to deliver the best of our land – a fresh and zesty Vinho Verde, perfect for any moment.

Get to know our Vinho Verde, have a Wine Tasting. We will be waiting for you with a selection of our finest wines with a cheese and charcuterie board in our colonial balcony.

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Vinho Verde Loureiro


Citrusy open colour. Crisp and intense aroma, with hints of tropical ripe fruit. Dry, with noticeable acidity and a long and pleasant finish.

Variety: Loureiro
Vinho Verde Grande Escolha

Grande Escolha

Blonde light colouring with a tropical bouquet. It comes off as lively, but persistent and full bodied with a succulent hint of green apples.

Varieties: Arinto e Loureiro
Vinho Verde Reserva


Distinct colouring with a green over gold tint. Vibrant acidity. Rich in tropical aromas with a strong presence of ripe apples.

Varieties: Arinto e Loureiro
Vinho Verde Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc

Light yellow, seductive and bright. Complex aroma, with tropical fruits, asparagus and green pepper including vegetable hints. Soft texture and full-bodied.

Variety: Sauvignon Blanc
Vinho Verde Rosé


Lively and brightly rosé coloured. Fresh and zingy in the mouth, with floral and hints of wild berries. Must be served between 8 to 12ºC.

Castas: Touriga Nacional
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A true pleasure enhanced by Family management that receives us warmly with excellent wine produced by the House in a 100m balcony with an amazing light and view.

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