Casa de Sezim since 1390

The "Vinhos Verdes" of Sezim estate were already much appreciated in the Middle Ages; there is a document referring to them dated as early, as 1390. The Estate includes 80 acres of recently restructured vineyards, planted with recommended grape varieties for this region. Casa de Sezim maintains a strong tradition in its high quality white "Vinho Verde" exclusively produced with its best grapes. For this reason, the production is strictly limited

Total farm area: 67 hectars
Total vinniard area: 32 hectars
Type of soil: Granitic
Exposure: east / southeast
Root stocks: 196-17, 1103 Paulsen
Grape variaties (white): Loureiro 60%, Arinto (Pedernã) 40%
Trailling system: 100% simple cordon (lllll...)
Wattering only during 2/3 first years in new (young) vinniards.
Average yeld: 10 tons/hectar
Vintage: from the 15th September to the 5th October
Our Brands:
- Casa de Sezim
- Casa de Sezim Grande Escolha 2006
- Casa de Sezim Colheita Seleccionada
- Toural
- Sezim DOC Branco
- Sezim DOC Espadal (rosé)

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